Dear partners,

We are currently seeing an increase in counterfeit and false insurance policies issued on our company’s letterhead with incorrect contact details. We kindly ask you to inform us about all cases of falsification of KLPP policies. Please note that the only correct contact coordinates which are always specified in the insurance policy are:


As of now we issue policies under the class of business “suretyship” in the following countries:

  • Italy. Our local partners are: Wholesale Insurance SRL, Scacco Matto Broker SRL, Insurance Broker International SRL;
  • Spain. Our local partners are: Gross & Partners Agencia de Suscription S.L.;
  • France and Germany. Our local partners are: Bond & Surety Underwriting Agency MGA.


You can always apply for verification of the issued policy at  For surety policies issued in France and Germany, beneficiaries and other interested parties are kindly invited to locate the secure QR Code (“RiskSign”) on the first page of the contract and follow the relevant instructions for verification purposes.

Our vision

The formula for success may differ among countries, markets and industries. However sufficient funds, conservative underwriting and experienced team that aims to bring innovative products and tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ needs, should be valued by all of the customers, regardless of their business, its size and location.

Our mission

  • To deliver friendly and comfortable services to our clients relying on years of experience in the insurance industry.
  • To be different, innovative and transparent; to build a professional, efficient, customer focused insurance company in Europe.
  • To become the clients’ first choice when they think of buying insurance.
  • To provide superior services, excellent protection and most favorable terms for insurance products that we offer.
  • To become renowned and respected as a secure insurance company not just in Cyprus but around the EU.


Your benefits — Our company advantages

  • Expert assessment of property to be insured.
  • We share our experience in international property insurance with our clients.
  • Advice from a personal manager on how to reduce the risk.
  • Efficient reinsurance protection: our partners are global reinsurance leaders.


Our objectives

  • Over the first 5 years of operation to become a respected and trusted insurance company with superior financial performance and solvency level on par with top companies on the market.
  • To introduce our core values to the market, such as professionalism, transparency, innovation and fast decision making.
  • To become a fair competitor to other market participants and a reliable partner to the businesses and individuals.

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